Ever since I visited Egypt and the pyramids back in 1983, I have had an interest or more accurately, an obsession with the Egyptian pyramids.   I have read many of the available books on the pyramids and run the gamut of beliefs as to their purpose,  the method of their construction, and why the Egyptians chose the pyramid shape.  Suffice it to say that I have settled on the following:  They were built as tombs for the pharaohs by Egyptians accomplished by hard labor and the honing of skills over generations (by the time of the Great Pyramid).  I believe that the pyramid form was likely developed because it was the most stable structure you could build on a grand scale in ancient times.

As difficult and disappointing as it was for me to have to accept that the pyramids were not built by aliens or Atlanteans, using technology now lost, involving anti-gravity machines, for the purpose of being portals to other dimensions, other planets or as power plants, I eventually allowed reason to lead me to accept the simplest explanations and to give credit where credit is due: to those hard-working, every day Egyptians.  I now rest easy in my current pyramid paradigm.

So my interest led me to different pyramid projects.  I discovered the wonderful Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture website about 10 years ago, where you can see all the marvelous hobby molds that Mr Hirst developed for building small-scale castles, fortresses, and much to my joy: pyramids.


Hirst Arts Pyramid

I won’t tell you how long it took me to build my Hirst Arts pyramid because it is a little embarrassing. But I did finally get her done last summer (2012).   Hmm… Let’s just say that the elapsed time from when I purchased the molds to when I actually finished my pyramid (I did have one unsuccessful attempt) was about half the length of time that is traditionally accepted for the construction of the Great Pyramid.  Eesh!

The Pyramid of Bumbleses

The Pyramid of Bumbleses

In addition,  I designed and built a pyramid sand mold, which I have great fun taking to the beach and making sand pyramids.  Let me tell you,  people love sand pyramids, even if it’s just to knock ’em down.

And then there is the cosmic, super-cat pyramid I built for my sister’s cats that, while not having successfully turned her cats into vegetarians, has provided them with a unique and stylish refuge.

So absorb all of the pyramid energy from this site, which in reality is nothing more than my enthusiasm and love of pyramids.


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